An analysis of the concept of abortion and the principles of utilitarianism in the medical research

If we do nevertheless violate that standard will probably have to be encountered afterwards in the form of remorse. Based on the main religious assumptions that shape the views of pro-life camp about the fetus: It means they count how much usefulness is derived from ht action. How ever religions offer general ethical norms.

For that woman climbing to a mountain is happiest one and she wishes too. Those who intend on having a child are doing so under careful consideration and thus happiness should prevail.

This is just one of the ways Singer brings mention to the life cycle and its ability to determine when or when not an abortion is a just fact. Most interesting thing is it is the human beings themselves find out the reasons to humiliate the value and dignity of life.

We cannot argue that just on the basis of its capability of duplication it loses its identity. The constitutional provisions and ethical norms are interpreted in the utilitarian way so as to derive benefit from these also.

Or a child due to rape or sexual harassment is not a human child. The ancient humanity found out some remedies for getting reduces their pain of the wound happening by hunting.

It has taken a different twist and turns down the centuries. The one great distinction between Mill and others is the allowance for a calculation of pain and pleasure Riley, Indeed, counsellors at abortion clinics frequently help a woman to reconcile her decision with her religious beliefs and her relationship with God.

The most central argument against abortion which is known as the formal argument which goes like the following: According to total view, the action which produces the largest overall total of utility is said to be the right action and the average view says that the right action is that which maximizes the average level of utility in a population.

That is why they escape from the reality by aborting the foetus which is the external proof of their union. It may be happened directly or indirectly or by carelessness.

They met together for several days and the first major question considered by the medical group which was composed of biochemists, professors of obstetrics, gynecology and genetics, etc.

Some doctors are more interested in surgery only. It includes the theory of change where the two principles of changes are act and potency.

Utilitarianism and Abortion

More over the method of killing is literally an attack with the instruments and it hurts in all possible way.

It is a kind of utilitarian attitude. However the human foetus should be respected and considered as the fully human person.

If this is the case what is the utility of the so- called existing human beings today. Unlike others he seemed to use a lighter version of utilitarianism allowing for things others would have never dreamed of. Again no one knows exactly what the future may hold, but it is very likely that these individuals, who are essentially put to death against their will, have a very happy life.

Utilitarianism and Abortion Essay

This journey of bud towards the flower or seed is a transforming process. So the foetus has the right to life. Along with these concepts abortion can also be viewed through the eyes of the utilitarian approach to ethics which focuses on both pleasure and pain and the ability to maximize pleasure over pain.

To do so we must first know exactly what abortion is and then must also have a broad definition of what the utilitarian theory encompasses.

Transcript of UTILITARIANISM APPLIED TO ABORTION. UTILITARIANISM AND ABORTION APPLIED ETHICS AVOIDS: BENTHAM 1. Does a woman have a 'right' to an abortion? HEDONISTIC PLEASURE AND PAIN HEDONISTIC CALCULUS ACTIVITY Using the Calculus work out whether abortion is morally acceptable. Abortion is one of the most debated issues across the globe - Utilitarianism and Abortion introduction.

People from different sects of the society have their own perception on the abortion. Some try to prove it morally wrong and illegal while others justify abortion on several grounds. There is no need to say that people have.

 Utilitarianism and Abortion Student Name University Introduction Abortion is one of the most debated issues across the globe People from different sects of the society have their own perception on the abortion.

the use of moral norms and concepts to resolve practical moral issues. Here the usual challenge is to employ moral principles, theories, arguments, or analyses to try. Aug 31,  · UTILITARIANISM IN MEDICAL ETHICS A STUDY ON PETER SINGER’S VIEWS ON ABORTION INTRODUCTION Utilitarianism in medical ethics is said to be an indirect issue and it not discussed in public.

But the consequences are very expressive in its all forms.

An analysis of the concept of abortion and the principles of utilitarianism in the medical research
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