The beatitudes of jesus

I do not know of a better test that anyone can apply to himself or herself in this whole matter of the Christian profession than a verse like this. Those who suffer persecution for His sake are promised "great reward. The image then is portraying the desire to do the will of God as that constant and strong.

Shalom implies the positive enjoyment of God and "pleasures forevermore. But we will make this a brief, introductory Bible study on the passage, and leave more to be done later.

Rather be like servants who serve the master irrespective of any reward. Mourning in this context is called The beatitudes of jesus blessing, because mourning our fallen nature creates in us a desire to improve ourselves and to do what is right.

The prophets of God were not a glum bunch who were nursing their wounds, but rather a joyous company, and Jesus tells us that if we experience opposition and persecution, we are in good company.

They much prefer power, and privilege, and possessions. Throngs of people responded to His ministry from as far away as Jerusalem.


It is describing their passion in life--they hunger and thirst for it. Probably the promised land. The mourning that will be comforted is the mourning of the disciples, those who have the proper understanding of the reasons for the mourning. They were of course poor, having their land and possessions ripped away; but they were also afflicted and oppressed, they were powerless and without hope, and they were desperate.

The sermon begins with the beatitudes. No, because the reward, as well the faith, is ultimately the free gift of God. They had no resources to fall back on; they had to depend on others for survival.

Jesus does not here tell people how to become like this; that will come in subsequent teachings. See the recommended lists at the end of the studies. We have already thought about righteousness with its meaning of conforming to the standard, i. Freed from lust and human passion, they had acquired the wisdom that leads to the Perfect Man.

Their content can also be found in the Credo of the Essenes. Jesus said it was what came from the heart that defiled people, evil thoughts, impure desires, blasphemies and the like Matt. They had no resources to fall back on; they had to depend on others for survival.

But the blessing stated here for those who suffer such persecution in this world is that their destiny will be a complete contrast to their present humiliation--theirs is the kingdom of heaven. An early contemplation on the Beatitudes came from St.


If we are not experiencing some kind of opposition and persecution, it might be a symptom that our faith is weak. The windows on the east and west sides of our Church symbolize the Eight Beatitudes. Matthew describes Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount, which contained what are known as the Beatitudes.

Jesus said: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.

The Beatitudes Explained as Jesus teaching from the Mount. The Beatitudes Explained ~ Jesus Teaching on the Mount. There are many who need the Beatitudes explained to them for a lack of reading material, spiritual discernment, and possibly a lack.

The Beatitudes of Christ A beatitude is a declaration of happiness or promised blessing resulting from an individuals virtue or good deeds.

Sit Down and Be Seen by Jesus: Beautifying the Beatitudes

They describe the qualities of perfection and the promise of future blessings rather than current material or physical rewards. have a general account of this sermon.

The Preacher was our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of preachers, the great Prophet of his church, who came into the world, to be the Light of the world.

The prophets and John had done virtuously in preaching, but our Lord Jesus Christ excelled them all. The Beatitudes are the opening lines of the Sermon on the Mount, spoken by Jesus as a guide to his followers and disciples.

But the Beatitudes are much more than a historical speech; they are a template for disciples today. The Beatitudes of Jesus Recited in Hebrew The following is a Hebrew translation of the "Beatitudes" of Jesus as they appear in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5.

The Eight Beatitudes Of Jesus The beatitudes of jesus
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