The perception in womens fashion as

Mod fashion was slim fitting and featured bold geometric shapes.

Contemporary Muslim women's fashion on display at San Francisco museum

His wrinkle-free silk jersey made in bold colors and vibrant color combinations created a new casual style with a youthful appeal. While s fashion was largely youth-driven, fashion icons also dictated the style of older women.

Pastels and pale colors were the most common palettes of the s. Getty Images Fashion in the late s was just as revoluationary as the times. The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, an organization that studies American Muslims, released a poll that showed most women said they wear a hijab for religious reasons.

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The shoe became known as the "Louis heel. Eyeliner was still used as well, but not nearly as dark and sloppy as it was applied in previous decades. Although many religious groups have become more lax in their approach to fashion, traditions and beliefs are still an important factor.

Leisure The clothing worn by a 21st century woman on her time off may greatly differ from the clothing she wears to work.

Women's Clothing Industry Research: Market Trends, Analysis & Statistics

The start of World War II tested these ideas. The egalitarian influence of the newly educated lower class mixed with the concept of the shared hardships during and following World War II, led to a youth movement no longer led by the elite.

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Library of Congress During the s, fashion entered the modern era. Hippie style encouraged a natural look that included long, straight hair as well as long, curly or wavy hair. It is on loan from Saba Ali, a San Francisco-area stylist who served as adviser to the exhibition and styled the head coverings.

Most office work environments demand professional clothing, usually consisting of a skirt or dress pants combined with a top, such a dress shirt or polo. African patterns and clothing design, popularized after the Civil rights Act, introduced tie-dyed fabrics and loose, comfortable dashikis.

He sold his makeup claiming that it would make women look like their favorite actresses. While psychodelia quickly lost steam due to over saturation, the Bohemian fashion trend of the hippies made frequent comebacks that still influences fashion today. At the same time, Ms. The eye makeup used during the s was applied heavily and somewhat carelessly as opposed to modern day eye makeup application.

The wrap dress, orginated by Diane Von Furstenberg, was a staple for the woman going to the office in the day and out at night. And when gartered hose did not work with the short hemlines, she sold dancers' tights, then followed up with colored tights procured from theatrical manufacturers.

For centuries, clothing and fashion has been one of the most defining aspects of culture, society and time. While things like race, religion and socioeconomic status continue to impact clothing choices, women today are a lot freer to have their style be a reflection of personality and identity.

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The perception in womens fashion as
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