The strory of kupe

Now is the time to go. Direct your canoe to Tahu-para-wera-nui to the south of this The strory of kupe and you will see the best place to settle. They gazed fixedly at the land. On they fought, on and on, striking, blocking, spinning out of the way, again and again, sometimes the eye unable to track what was happening, arms and Taiaha spinning everywhere.

The History and Doings of the Maoris. Kupe also spoke of the fishermen who had generously fed and looked after their tribe since he was a young man, and how respected they were within the whanau.

As a tree fell they would remark: They met Kupe at sea, who told Nukutawhiti that Tuputupuwhenua was at Hokianga. Learned men of the same tribe make no mention of this story and there are no waiata [3] celebrating their deeds. Then a tree with twin trunks was found; the trunks were very noble, and the tree was close to the water.

Maori Stories and Legends

In the Cook Group the rainbow is spoken of as being the girdle of Tangaroa. Kupe came and visited every part of this island.

When page Hina went in search of her husband, and called to him, a dog came running to her, wagging its tail. Hine-te-Aparangi named the land, Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud.

Yet he apparently personifies light, or day, and is credited in many places as having drawn up lands from the depths of the ocean. There are several versions of this popular story. In Hine-Korako, the Fair Maid, we have a personified form of the lunar bow, or halo.

Kupe left his daughter at Rangitoto. The Great New Zealand Myth was just that". Ah, storm the wiiwii, storm the waawaa. Then a strange thing happened. Tohi-nui-a-rangi will guard you that you may land safely at the land I love.

Though we say our spells it will be in vain, we shall not escape. His huge ocean sailing vessel, Matahorua, was almost capsized, which would surely have been the end of Kupe and his crew.

An incantation karakia was said to conceal the octopus lest Muturangi should come in search of his pet and revive it. After a time Kupe realised that Kura desired him with all her soul. Ngahue took Te Papa-ariari and Rongo took Tiki-te-pou-nui.

He looks upon them as being relations of actual occurrences, even as we still place faith in old Babylonian or Sumerian concepts of the origin of man and of sin.

Kahukura is another famous personification of the rainbow, and two names are included in this case. Kupe then drank for the last time of the water of the spring.

This was the first spell which Nuku-tawhiti chanted. Go to Pillar-of-fire, the place to which I have decided to send you.

So, as fire was needed wherewith to cook food, Maui set forth on his quest, and came to where Mahuika dwelt, she whose offspring were the five Fire Children. The stories of other meetings are false [i. It is from the wide spaced heavens and handed down to us.

They heard nothing at all, only the sound of the sea. This expression is now often applied to mental difficulties and obstructions.

Kupe and the Giant Wheke

It lies there today, turned to stone. They were convinced that Tama-te-kapua was dead, and returned to their village. We do not know at what period Ngahue flourished, except that probability seems to indicate the same generation as that in which the fleet came to New Zealand.

I deem it highly probable that the strory of the voyage of Rata is that of a genuine expedition from the eastern Pacific into Melanesia, possibly the Fiji group. This Pin was discovered by Stacy Smith. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest.

he comes he would be the one he will anoint to become king over Israel. An amazing strory; from that point, the life of Saul was completely transformed; he was anointed to king over Israel.

Thus from that story, here are 19 Prophetic Blessings; I believe God will. Study ART Study Guide ( Carol A. Ventura) flashcards from StudyBlue on StudyBlue. I deem it highly probable that the strory of the voyage of Rata is that of a genuine expedition from the eastern Pacific into Melanesia, possibly the Fiji group.

Into this story the marvellous has entered, and so we have such impossible occurrences as the re-erection of the tree felled by Rata. Nga-waka-o-Kupe (the canoes of Kupe) is the name of a group of rocks in Admiralty Bay, near D'Urville Island, something like a canoe in shape.

5. Te-kakau-o-te-toki-a-Kupe (the handle of Kupe's axe) a rock on Te-uira-ka-rapa Point in Tory Channel, just opposite Moioio Island, which latter was an old Ati-Awa pa. Kupe struck Te Wheke with his Taiaha (a long club) and a great battle ensued, Kupe was very strong and as fast as the fastest wind, his fighting skill was famous but Te Wheke had eight arms and was quick also.

The strory of kupe
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